Uncontrollable backflips

Uncontrollable backflips continue even without case and a clean screen. WTF ? Only while leading a race , it’s pretty fucking frustrating. Two days later, just when I’m turning a super fast run, you flip my bike… Fuck You !!

Sweaty fingers?

Disable the backflip button in your settings. Problem solved.!

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Settings - control settings - toggle flip button off. :ok_hand:

Dry as a desert

Dont quote me on this but i think hes talking about mx :thinking:

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@JonParisKing are you talkin msmx2 or bmx?

Motocross 2

Backflips are still happening :fu:t3:

You know it doesnt really help to keep complaining here as theres nothing wrong with the game and therefore noone on this forum can fix it for you

The typical «the game is broken» rage after a great run, been there dude


Probably talking about looping out? Little different than a back flip. If it is looping out that happens. Push forward and or let off the gas a little. Balance and throttle control take some time to get used to in this game. I still don’t have it down very well.

I’ve done all of that. Even when pushing forward the bike still flips in a backward motion, sometimes four or five times in a race and only while passing or in the lead. I’ve deleted the game then downloaded again, no help there.

Is your screen cracked?

No :heart: