Two year check in :)

What’s up guys, it’s been maybe 2-3 years since I quit the top ~25 leaderboard chase. How’s everyone been? Is Zach still freaking nuts? What is Thr SAM UP TO nowadays.

I’m so sorry to my mates in LP for jus leavin :disappointed:

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Yo man, yes zach is still inasne, sam has basically stopped uploading to youtube but still plays from time to time.

Hey Nuggets! :smiley: I just got back into the game and tbh i have no clue what’s going on :joy: I’m SKILLZz05 btw :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t know if u remember me, but we played a bit of versus​:wink:

well i’m a bit late to comment, but @LP_Nuggets your times have been absolutely nuts like i don’t know how you go so freaking fast this week on chain and ball though i’m only 25th but yeah WFO is still the most hard team to get into i’m only on week one of three of getting in.