Transferring game Data to new account?


What if I’m logged with an old FB account I can’t access anymore?
Is there a way you can transfer all the info from my current account to a different login method?
User: MaxxPower.


Create a Twitter account and pair with that. Then you can transfer your data.


Wroked perfectly. Thanks :slight_smile::+1:


My son loves and plays msm2 on an old ipad, under user name Trashfan (google play)? He recently got a phone (samsung gs7) and we are trying to log into the Trashfan account, but when connected through google play, it connects to a different account Trashcan16 that i guess he unwittingly made ? Can we combine accounts or delete trashcan16? thank you.
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Sorry, Linked the desired account to twitter and logged in to that with the new device as suggested… worked fine