Transferring game Data to new account?

Long story short, I’m seeking a way to transfer all my game data to a new Apple ID. So, new device, new account, new screen name. Is it possible.

link your account to facebook of twitter.

There are a few steps. Make sure your account is linked to Facebook, Twitter or GameCenter. Download the game on the new device. Login to whatever social media you used before and all your stuff will be there. As for the name you just tell us your current name and what you want it to be and we’ll set you up.

Hi, my son has been playing on my wifes iphone but we recently pulled out an old kindle for him to play on. When I try to log him in using her FB info, we get the message “you have already authorized MSMX2”.

I guess this is why he doesn’t have access to his unlocked bikes etc.

That’s really odd. I’m logged in on several units at once.
What’s his ingame name? We’ll have some smart people take a look at it.
@bryan pr perhaps @JoeW723

Awesome, thank you.

His in game name is Maclaine151

We no longer support Kindle devices. That could be the problem. The latest version of the game on Kindle doesn’t include a lot of things so we don’t really recommend playing on a Kindle. It won’t have Versus or bike 9 or 10.

That the explains it, thanks for the answer. Looks like little man gets a
new toy soon!

Not sure what im doing wrong but im having difficulty syncing a new device. Can anyone help?

Are you having trouble connecting your social media accounts?

@JoeW723 @bryan

I am using a new device as well and want to make sure I have latest updates.

Have you tried logging in with one of the social media options?
What is your username?

No just Google play games. wickedjester53

What happens when you try to log in with your Google Play account?

I have the game on my phone but I want to also put it on my tablet, is that possible? Phone is a galaxy s5 and the tablet is a galaxy tab3. It tells me user name already taken

Just log in with the same Google Play account on your other device. If you already have a MSM2 username on that secondary device you’ll need to reinstall before logging in with Google.

I have MSMX2 on my phone, tablet and Android emulator on my laptop. You have to do a clean install and then log into your social media account that is associated with your username on all devices. They will all be synced. Just uninstall the game and reinstall then login via social media…

I just installed the game on my work tablet (:blush:) and didnt want to use my google account, I also get the “username is taken” message when I try to login with google play.
solved it by logging in with my facebook acc on both devices and then I got all credentials on both.

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Cool. Up and running perfectly. Thanks man. Thanks to LesterWire too. He shot that bird first! Score it. Kickass game. We’re extremely fortunate to have such a kickass game to play. Three cheers for the dudes puttin it out there.

Could you switch my screen name from CyntiaHarlowe to nowayknowhow ? Please. Thank you.