Track Building Ideas


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Live. :blush:


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The track is called oh boy by holcombd


Sorry if i sound rude but i think if you want a track to make it into the game you’re gonna have to put in a little more effort and make the design a bit longer and a bit more complicated than that :thinking:


Yeah that makes sense I just got bored and decided to see what people thought


Haha of course man :wink:


Hey Gerdes!


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Caps tax


Congrats on the december track pack. Im having a blast


What do you like best: normal tracks, animations or 3D like now? :thinking::thinking::thinking:



Great track i have two things. The tripple should be hard to get so people not as good(like dont know how to seat bounce) double and table, slowing them down. And after the quad should be a roller so you can set up for a wheelie and if you pull it off it will save time. Love the track man


Monday stream. I don’t know about that drag race section. It’d just be a wheelie contest. Rhythm section through there could be pretty cool though. Or really long joe whoops™




We’ll take a vote leading up to that section. :joy:

I enjoy making tracks slightly difficult but I don’t like making my life any harder than it needs to be. :joy:




Just throwing my opinion out there I think we should have some really long rhythm section tracks like the “Scrubbing Troubles” track. Make it so if you don’t have momentum going you won’t clear the next jump kind of stuff. Something that separates the boys from the men.


@OnTheFrontLine can you make this in the next track build tuesday?