Track Building Ideas


Tomorrow. :blush: 6 or 7 central.

Edit: that is, if my wife or AT&T don’t find a way to screw me over again. :joy:


Lol :joy: okidoki


Lol looks nice… Not.


hey everyone, its been awhile since ive built a track, but you can come check it out on my stream right now at


Haha I know u secretely like it, u rule them Walljumps :blush::+1:


So guys. Update on streams. I hate AT&T. They lied to me about the speed of the connection I was getting. So until I can figure something out, I can stream in shitty 360-480p. I’ll be up at 7pm central. If you don’t mind crap quality, i’d love to see you guys come hang out. :blush:


Can’t u start at 5pm? :smiley: cause then the time here is like midnight :clock12: Please :pray:
Please please please please Poughkeepsie :sweat_smile:


I work til 5:30. Can you make 6? :joy:


5:45 final offer :joy::joy::joy:


What timezone are you in?


Central. 6 would be 2.5 hours from now.


In that case i might be able to make it… Not 100% sure though but I’ll try :+1: could be that I’m asleep by then though :joy:


Hey man, you gotta sleep, you sleep. I’m nothing to ruin your tomorrow over. :joy::joy:

If it works out where it isn’t too laggy or anything I’ll be on Sunday most of the day so you can come hang out when it’s not 2am. Haha


I’ll keep myself busy playing MadSkillsMX until u go live. I won’t miss it for the world. :smiley:


Just checking but your time is like 3.45 right?




Like I figured. Then it’s 01.00 at night here when u start. That’s ok :ok_hand: go for it :sweat_smile:


You all need to move to not the opposite side of the world as me. :joy:


See you guys in 2 hours. :sunglasses:

Edit: meant to just send a link but it imbedded it. :joy:


Haha :laughing: