Track Building Ideas


What a dickhead! He’s ruining the fun!!! :joy:


They were supposed to come two weeks ago but canceled my appointment for no apparent reason without telling me. I’m having the worst luck. :joy:


No, there is no might as well. Dont do that track🖕 lol there would be so many uninstalls😂


I’m doin it. And you’re gonna love it.


Hmm ill have to email joe saying your such a bad track maker and should be fired :wink: :joy: oh that was the craziest thing ive ever heard


We actually all got a “tone it down a little” talk about a week ago. Haha


Actually @THR_KingT72 it’s supposed to be an easy track with wall jumps. Cause you get the jumps before the whoops where you do the tire tap. Which makes it easier to execute LOL :joy: well maybe not easy, but you get the idea right. The last wall on the other hand? Oh boy. :flushed:


Bounce off the first wall to clear the other somehow lol


Sch! Don’t tell anyone. But that’s the idea yes :wink:


I’ve got some ideas to make the wall jumps a little easier but you’re all gonna have to wait til Tomorrow to see it cause my wife didn’t text back to confirm the appointment. The internet problem is all her fault this time.


I’d just like to ask that when you’re modeling up the fast line madness for bike #11 that you would also consider making the slower “in between” lines and obstacles flow nicely for bike #1 as well.

For an example of what to avoid, this weeks jam track Persephone is a great track for bike #11 but just doesn’t feel like it flows very well with bike #1.


My thought on that track was precisely that, just to make the walls maybe not so high. Easy to bounce over even with a not so perfect tap. So go with your true emotions on that one young skywalker! :wink:


Oh and @THR_Birdshaw I like what u done to my name :+1::joy: I actually know a guy called Jerker! He’s a great guy! And Yepp it’s a name here in Sweden :sweden: for u immature people LOL :sweat_smile:


We try to make lines for 7-11. It’s extremely hard to make bike 1 lines without screwing up bike 11 lines.



ideas in flash animation :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Hey! That timeline slider would be a nice feature to have in game for replays.


Check out last weeks turborilla show :grinning:



Come on now! Start streaming for crying out loud :smiley: