Track Building Ideas


The rhythms work as you wanted.


I got another track I designed :grinning:


What do you guys think?


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track in to the cave. Would be good that in a common race enter a kind of mountain and there is a circuit inside
I’m sorry for taking a year to respond, but I quit the game and I picked it up again recently


Hey Whatts uup? I designed this track, if anyone wants to take a look at it @JoeW723 @LesterWire @OnTheFrontLine @mx.phreek @rcboxer I would like to see it in jam sometime and think its an amazing track if I do say so myself :smile:, if any of you kind fellow would take some time do design it it would be amazing, thanks!


And yes I was bored in physics :joy:


I do the same in class


Hey, is my track gonna be in monthly track pack(so I know to buy it)


There’s no track called snake bite in the track pack so i guess it’s gonna be in jam some time in the future like you requested :slight_smile:


Yeah I sent it in as jam


This is my first track design I did and I think it looks alright




When are we grinding out Jam track Line Mecias? @JoeW723 @TSR_Mecias_EC



Nose wheeeeeelie😎


extreme downhill :upside_down_face:






:thinking::thinking::thinking: @OnTheFrontLine What do you think, do you like it? :upside_down_face:


Yeah that’s a nice one! I’ll get it built ASAP