Track Building Ideas


Forgot to reply to this. It’s coming along slowly. Been away from the house for a week so I haven’t been able to work on it lately.


Damn. Y’all been busy hahah


I would like to introduce to you SNAKE BITE blue is the fast line orange is other, there are more lines but I just pointed out the two main ones for average riders and skilled riders. There is a wheel tap out of the whoops into the gully and you hop over and double over the wall, if you can’t do that you will need to face the wall jump. Also after wall and double you want to wheel tap the small triple, or you can double and jump it into the downhill, this puts you into the fast line and uphill triple , if not. You triple and jump into it and double. another skilled ride is the whoop hill, if you get it right on the back side you jump into the triple and single, the single should make it easier to get a wheelie and scrub the finish line. If you don’t make it you go over whoop hill and triple. I would like this to be in the next jam if possible. @JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine @mx.phreek Screenshot_2017-08-07-17-08-54


I think I could do something with this, I can see I’ll need to make maybe a couple slight tweaks for it to work out. Could do with better pic so I can see how the whoop hill is suppose to work. That might need a bit of extra work as I can’t see being able to get it to follow your blue line. Are they supposed to be whoops on back side or jumps? But I’ll give it a crack.


Yea I didn’t try hard on the hill, but it is whoops on both sides. The jump is in the middle of the back which if you land in it perfect you should follow the blue line, it all depends on how you hit the front to determine if you get in it. If you don’t hit it right you will go right over the jump. Now that I’m thinking it does seem a bit hard to do, so if you can’t do that its fine. And feel free to change and add to it. I just wanted to give out the most of and idea


I can do better and get better pictures later, but I have to be in school right now


And its to small on paper its going to have to be wider on the track to actually get what i want. You suppose to hit the first whoop and it puts you right to the top. You will need to get the front wheel high and tap it with your back tire to hop into the jump with enough speed. And on the back ride there needs to be a whoop to put riders who can’t do that over the jump. What in asking how ever might not even be the fasted line might be slow I don’t know


No worries, I’m make a start on it tonight


Tracks pretty much finished. Do you want it in jam or sub so you’ll keep being able play as long as you want.


More of a jam track. But whatever works for you. I prefer jam


Just a question. @mx.phreek do you all use a programme on PC to make tracks?


Yeah, mac and pc


And does madskills have a thing to smooth the tracks and round things out like mx simulator or do you I just get so close to make tracks that perfect


Because I make tracks on 2dmx and they arnt smooth you can see everymark where I made a point


There is a smooth tool but it just flattens stuff. Your have a curve tool, which I use for pretty much everything from making jumps to rounding edges of jumps and such like you mention. But it can only smooth (round) to a certain degree. Really sharp peaks it can only do so much.


Awesome man. Keep up all the good work. :metal:


Oh have I got a track for you guys
Anyone up to making it?


Pretty cool


Little preview of beginning


Love it, thanks