Track Building Ideas


Nice man I think it would be really fun too


You the best






I don’t even wanna hear it. You track was the worst thing I’d ever played.


First of all I merely designed it and frontwhine built it. He read the design wrong and made everything bigger. And STILL it turned out AWESOME!


Wat wow I need a Track builder too… @THR_Birdshaw how do I get this bro :slight_smile:


You’re gonna have to do a few thing you never thought you’d be doing…


What did you have to do






I dont think he was being serious man :grinning: anyways as far as i know the editor is only given out to some people by the turborilla guys


Oh I know :joy:


Haha yeah i realize how stupid this sounds now… I was typing that and somehow you guys put 2 messages that made it look really stupid in the time that i was typing it :joy::joy::joy:




I don’t need more track designers at the moment. If we need more I will add more. I always take beta testers first. I just added a couple new guys and Wyatt came out of his long hiatus.


hows the track going, @LesterWire


Very slowly. Getting those whoops that slowly get bigger is a pain. You want it to work, but you don’t want it to be easy. There’s a fine line that I’m trying to get and it’s killing me. :joy:


Oh man you’re on point that’s exactly how I wanted it to be hahaha good job man lol


@LesterWire still going at it??