Track Building Ideas


Cause it doesn’t block you to were you cant go to far back after going toward I went on king climb and for to top and rode backwards nothing stoped me and the track you made you will stay on the gas driving foward it just jumps backwards


Yeah the thing is it’s not possible to create the jump that launches you backwards… It’s not the going backwards that’s the problem it’s the fact that this layout can’t be done in the editor




I get it how you can build up it going backwards


:smile: This looks fun


Hahaha, that’s the way it is, a pity not to be able to carry it out ,:soñoliento:


This is the drawing for this week’s second Jam track “Chy Square”. Maybe this will be an inspiration for others to draw track.


I think this track would be really fun but I can’t make it, I need someone to make it for me.


And sorry my camera kind of sucks


*could someone make this for me pretty please :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And make it 20 laps :laughing:


Could someone make it for me pretty please?


My bad :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Great track plz make.


A good track in my Laptop.


Dude thats sick. Sorry but i saw boobs at first and had to re-focus :joy: that concept is dope though but i think they try keep it rhythmic, i feel your track is leaning abit more towards a trial park. If they make it tho itl be so fun


Boobs ?, hahaha, I think the patient is another. I will keep it in mind if I decide to create another action haha:pensando::alegría:


I’m working on this one. Going good so far. I just got the editor so it might be a while before I finish (I am not good at this at all yet​:joy:) and I’m not sure it will be used for a long time due to a crazy amount of tracks in line, but I can confirm that it is a lot of fun. :grin:


I know i’m not the only one, nor am I special but want the Track Editor too! :confounded:


I would love it because all I do is draw tracks on paper and it would be cool to put my ideas out in the game