Track Building Ideas


If you have a hard time viewing the picture I have other pictures or i could take new ones just let me know


And also if you do give it a go, feel free to make the track 2 laps if it is too short



Jones’ flow and oso grande for jam week 174?


I think it takes care of jam 174


Looks like a supercross and desert track to me


Yes same I was thinking


We’ll see if Joe or OnTheFrontLine will have time to get it done and if not then hopefully some other time!


@Travis_thomas sent. Check your email.

@JLaRue4 I’ll try and make your track for the following Jam round.


Nice thanks Joe!!!


Its kinda overscaled than I wanted, can you like make everything not so big if possible


We don’t have a scale feature in the editor. I would have to remake the whole track. It’s pretty fun as it is.


Ok thats fine and I actually like the woods background with it so it can stay


After the triple double and double again by scrub instead of tripling and step on the huge table and jump off into the next section and see if its any faster


I went back and watched it a,couple of times and I’m really liking it thanks joe


Hi, you think something like this would be possible … It would be fun …


Hahaha that’s awesome!!! I want that track to be a thing!!! Unfortunately it’s not possible to do that though with the going backwards and stuff :cry:


Go build it on bike race that’s what type of track it s


Hahhah … I figured … but we had to try … we’re in crazy skills, right? Hahah :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hold up it actually does look possible