Track Building Ideas


I love me some whoops and you know Joe does haha


Add them cause I forgot about them


hahah i see a lil wheel tap action going on in this track, i like it :slight_smile:


Possibly :joy::joy:


JS Compound supercross for one jam race and the motocross for the other


I would have ideas to the departure.
It is worth it to show here, so far no jam stretch seen by others here.
Think of the inventor of the stretch, his name does not appear, only the builder.

Is certainly too expensive …
Too bad that there will be no editor, where you could put yourself create, these then uploads, these are checked there.


this is Oso Grande blue is the fast lines red are other line choices @OnTheFrontLine @JoeW723


This looks fun.


I don’t know what you guys have for tracks yet but just a straight rhythm section track would be cool. Add some litte step ups. Maybe a triple in there and step downs.


Isn’t that kind of what all of the supercross tracks were though? :slight_smile:️ maybe that’s not what you meant but that’s kind of what it sounds like​:slight_smile:️…Anyways if you have a good idea for a track the best way is to draw it and send a picture of it :+1:


Yeah I figured it would come across that way…I’ll do a drawing and share it with you guys


I’ll try making this and use it for next Jam round. Might not be exactly the same, but close.


That’s fine @JoeW723


Hahahaha nice track bro


Which background do you want me to use for this? Turned out to be pretty long. Around a minute, maybe a tad longer.


See if you can watch this. What do you think? If it doesn’t load just right click and open in a new window. Ignore the sound, it’s messed up.
I can make it any background you want, just let me know.


I would like the supercross for back ground


I’m having trouble viewing it, and when I right click its not a option to open as a new window. Could you send it to my email or number?


What’s your email? You can send it in a private message if you want.


ok I gave it a go :smiley:, this track is called Jones’ Flow @JoeW723 or @OnTheFrontLine do you think it could be a jam track someday?