Track Building Ideas


@Lennon_Oflaherty awesome ideas, I had suggested few ideas too but they are putting all the new things in Madskills 3 guess we have to wait for 3 then…


Why did they make gta 5 after gta 4? And skyrim after oblivion? And why are there so many mario games?

After a while it’s just time for something new man… If they never made a new game at some point msmx2 would just die out… Just like all the games i used as examples above… The concept will stay the same but msmx3 will be an improved version of msmx2… That’s why they are making the new mx game :slight_smile:


@THR_Dutchman your rite bro eventually that’s how it should happen, cheers…


Tracks with a lot of different rhythm options, normally there is just one or 2 different rhythms and everybody hits the same rhythm I think it would be really cool if there were about 4 or so different lines that all work really well that way you could choose which ever one you feel better at give the game a little more mx feel to it



Uh i don’t mean to be an ***hole or anything but you might wanna take a bit more detailed pictures :grimacing:


Not a building idea but who made 2015 vs. 2016 because I love it.


Looks good :blush:


@THR_stepup69 Look i can draw too!


I thought his was to draw pony and rainbows


Lmao I’m not that great at drawing


haha i noticed


I think jam tracks should be scrubable and full of whoops


@JoeW723 can you make this, id like to see our msmx2 world champ conquer this. :grin: @Bragstad no drama dude, i reckon you and you’re world series contenders could actually rip this mo to shreds. :metal::metal::metal: #JoinTHR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


here are two suppercross tracks to choose from, the ruts show different lines that can be chose its also on a grid so that should help if you choos it you can change it up alittle how you want. The one isn’t complete so you don’t have to add that part icontent://media/external/file/830t or complete it how you would like @JoeW723 @OnTheFrontLine


No specific fast lines its how ever its made


The hole shot jump is suppose to be a roler that can set you up for a scrub on second track


That’s a nice drawing! I’ll give it a go when I get a minute :+1:t2: Looks like a fun one


Is that… is that a penis in the middle of your track? :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks @OnTheFrontLine hope out of the two one will work
Always add woops if you want can’t get enough of them