Track Building Ideas


Not a bad idea. I’m just a little worried that anyone not riding bike 9 or 10 would have trouble finishing the track.


I guess if some rollers were placed in between the big tracks, they could create other lines for slower bikes.

I would have the same concern about this as I do about the all-whoops tracks others have suggested: that only a very specific type of player will like, and most will not. I could be wrong though!


I have to agree with you Bryan about the whoops track. I don’t see it being very competitive with rhythm at all. It’ll be all about who is on bike 10 and gets the best start is all.


40 medium sized whoops, tall rollover, then a double jump onto a table top section, a 30 meter straightaway, a huge quad, dragon-back, 2 tire tap jumps, a 20 meter straightaway, 15 big rollers, FINISH LINE


Wanna sketch it down on a paper and take a picture? :slight_smile:


Yea i will



Well done, @Dungeyfan1! I’m sure our track builders will look long and hard at this one. Thanks for participating!


No problem


If it is used will i be contacted?


We’d tag you here on the forum, yeah.

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I’m going to have a little free time this week to start on a track. Welcome to ideas from anyone/everyone. :slightly_smiling:

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Looks great, Brennan! When you say tabletops (on the top portion), do you mean step on-step off’s? Or tabletops that you jump over?


Step on’s


Awesome drawing! This will be a fun track :slight_smile:


We actually do things similar to this. Like the other guys said, we have to take into consideration not all players are on the fastest bikes. So instead of a huge double we usually do a massive triple or quad. That way the fast bike that can wheelie the straight will nail the triple or quad, but the slower bikes will double the jump.


The Versus track for this week has some HUGE gaps, like the ones you requested. There is a massive step up at the end that can only be hit if you have max speed going into it. The track is called Ketchup vs. Mustard. Hope you like it!