Track Building Ideas

One of the biggest requests we’ve had from players ever since the first Mad Skills game has been a track editor. It’s something we intend to do in our next MX game, but it’s not likely to happen in MSM2.

That doesn’t mean you can’t help design a track though! If you have ideas for cool Mad Skills Motocross 2 tracks, present them to us on this thread. The best way is to actually draw your idea and upload an image of it. The more description you give of your idea, the better the chances that one of our track builders will pick it up and make it a reality.

If that happens, we’ll let you name it (subject to approval), and we’ll give you a month of Premium Jam for free.

Oh, and if you see ideas that others have presented that you like, give 'em a Like. That’ll help us know which ideas are the most popular.


Time to get creative a bit it sounds like!!

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I really like the tracks that have a different flow on the second lap. The ones that throw you into the rhythm on an opposite line based on the last jump at the end of lap one. The variety is cool.

I also like tracks that make you use the brakes to get back on the ground. Without turns, things like walls jumps, or a rhythm that can be hit faster by actually going slower initially, adds some technicality.


Me too!

I like your ideas. I think you’ve inspired the next track I make :wink:

Nice! So, @gmxmoto, be thinking of a good track name!

Deal. I’m on it.

I think “Godwin” (my last name) has a nice ring to it. Haha.

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How about Godwin Gap? :slightly_smiling:

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I like it!

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I think there should be tracks with quads triples 5 jumps or even 6 but plenty easy on bike 9 and white whoops and flows really good on all the bikes

Welcome! Feel free to draw something up and post it if you’d like!

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I love the big whoops!!
But also some different sections where you use to brake or slow down to perfect your jumps


How about an Excirebike themed track or two? I guess that could go under backgrounds thread as well, but would be awesome to have an old school NES style track built with it. Really sharp, steep peaks built with a flat track.

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We have tried this before internally and it wasn’t very fun :confused:

Well that’s a bummer lol

one of the ideas I had were the caves as a track would have several ways to reach the goal :sunglasses:

What do you mean by this? Can you be more specific?

How about you have a competition on Facebook/Twitter. Ask everyone to submit track ideas/sketches like you’re talking about here and offer up 4-10 weeks of Premium Jam for the top 3 designs that will be used.


We’ve done essentially that a couple of times already, and it was a hit. We’ll do it again soon.

I would like to see tracks where u HAVE to drive just on the back wheel to Speed more up than driving normal.
I mean START --> loooong straight where you have to push your bike on the back wheel --> at the end from the straight big jump that you have to get with full speed to catch a hill on the other side. This should be repeated 4 or 5 times (2 laps).

i know you guys are thinking that it sounds boring but let me promise it will not be boring, because you have to drive all perfectly!