Track Background Ideas

So who has cool ideas on different backgrounds we can create for future Mad Skills tracks? MSM2 has the following:

  1. Mountain setting

  2. A supercross setting

  3. A desert setting

What cool background ideas do you have? Feel free to upload photos to demonstrate your ideas!

I dont know how to resize these. Looks awfully big on my phone, but here it goes.

  1. Big City Life

  2. Shoreline

  3. Winterland

  4. Ghost town

Then maybe a scrap yard or a landfill would’ve been cool :sunglasses:


Have you been spying on BMX 2 development? :wink:

Great ideas. I especially love the ghost-town idea.


Lol! Looking forward to it tho :wink:

I was just replying to a girl player (should we try to bring her in BTW?) about the RV. What about some more easter eggs? An alien, godzilla, the worlds largest ball of twine (mad props if you can guess the old school video game reference) or anything really.

Damn! Just had a girl on the profile pic. Was really a dude.

How about maybe an old school retro mad skills 1 background? : )


Or I can see a msm2 version of it. Same basic graphics but better or tweaked slightly.

How about a moon landscape where different physics apply? I know nothing about dev work so I dont know whats doable and whats not :slight_smile:

That was a cool idea! :slight_smile:

I add “quarry” and “park” (green grass track) to my earlier suggestions

Bike 11 = luna rover :smiley:

That would be out there! Could make for a special challenge mode or something.

That could be really interesting. See some MEGA jumps forthcoming using those physics. Whoops probably would have to be out of the question though.

Hagan una pista bien con mucho boquete como se hacen las de arena

Can you make an all sand track like in the old days?

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We will probably not make new surfaces in MSM2. In our next MX game, though? That’s a possibility.



Fantastic posts, @TCR_ELVIS_PR1!

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Maybe a background that resembled a pit area with semi’s. They could have some funny mad up semi rigs or actual sponsors on them…?

For my buddies who race hare scrambles im sure they would appreciate a wooded background of some sort maybe?

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I really love this idea, and I believe this is the first time anybody has ever suggested it. Thanks, @Romer834, I’m going to suggest we do this in the next MX game.

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