Track 5-11 what are the tricks can't pass it


What are the tricks to track 511


Can u watch replays? Theres a short section that everyone always overjumps and it will take a few precious seconds. Keep ur line smooth but once u know the line u need to take its the same for the next four laps. If u dont find it ill take some pics on my break and highlight the line for ya dude. Keep trying though.


That one is hard but wait for 5-12. The hardest is 6-12 and Loco.


I’m going to try it some more today


Yes I can watch them I probably have 500 tries on this track for some reason I just cannot pass this one


No worries dude keep at it the one line u need is pretty simple its just easier to forget lol


It took me a week to beat one track.


I have over a week into this track I still cannot get past it’s hard to do the same line for so many laps I think I know where you’re talking about it’s after that one big jump


Just keep at it its not impossible just stay calm act like you don’t care and flow just don’t even think about you should get to the point where you make that track your b**** and YOU WILL LEARN HOW TO FLOW AND BEAT THAT TRACK!


U got this man just get into that flow and if u mess up don’t get mad and don’t think about what to do just trust yourself and the game U GOT THIS!


Bc I was getting mad but then I said ill stay calm and I kept on messing up so I just stopped caring and I was at that point where I had a blank stare at the screen and I beat it and almost didn’t realize it lol.