Total Jams not equal to wins plus losses

Looks like you got 8 ties :wink:

For sure… Lol
I’m not a tester for MSMX2. (yet) HINT, HINT… I thought I’d go ahead and report the mathematical error though… I am happy to assist.

Yea. It seems DRAWS count as wins.

That reminds me, except from both players hitting DNF (Does Not Finish), have there been genuine DRAWS where both players crossed the finish line?

I race a friend a lot he’s @leprechaun_333 on MSMX2, and we have tied several times. There is always a winner and a loser but I’m not sure what determines the outcome unless the timer actually goes to ten thousandth or hundred thousandth. So far, I think we have split the ties.

Those things are pretty much impossible. The time is clocked with seven decimals but only shows three.

Thats what I figured but couldn’t be sure because even the replay of the races were so close that I couldn’t determine who won. So, good to know and I still would like to have a chance to test MSMX2 as well as BMX2. Just had to say it again… Thanks @Birdshaw.