Top Jam Track Pack 2 Requests part deux


when we got it? i want to play


Itll be a while.


I’m not here to suggest all 12, but I really enjoyed @Monroe201’s Uphill Battle from Jam Week 208
Chy Square from Jam Week 176
THR Playground from Jam Week 196
Whoops! There it is from Jam Week 162

And yes, I scrolled back just to see all of these! :joy::ok_hand:

If at least one of these is chosen I’ll be happy haha! :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you. Chy Square is badass


Gonna look something like this

Solar Flare
Kip da whip
Eleven Bravo
Straight Rythm '16
Mont Blanc
Scrubbing Troubles
Chy Square
Tough Luck Jr.
Purple Scar
Three MX Scrubs
Extra Credit



Caps tax


So many players would just delete the game as soon as they got to that track. Not worth it.


You’re a real jerk, you know that?


Sometimes the truth hurts


nice tracks.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: suck it birdy

Edit: words


Rock Zen Roll !!


That one is in part 1 though :thinking:


Squid row
Snake bite


Bump and run
Purple scar
Extra credit
Uphill battle
Dead or alive
Wheat rolls
Kip’s fault
Bounce house


These are best of the best. Nice job, @JoeW723. :+1:

We’ve got scores to settle with those super tracks.

Brags, Lester and the elite can now skip that wall and jostle for bragging rights on Straight Rhythm '16

I and Justin can now re-live that gnarly nosewheelie on Chy Square and try to beat our time. One can never get tired of playing that track :grinning:

Those multiple lines on Eleven Bravo. I hope it’s still 2 laps. I can still remember one of the then top 3 pulling off the backflip into lap 2.

Superb collections​:sunglasses::+1:


Is this still in pipeline?





The best tracks:

Extra credit
Spin peak
Extra credit
Extra credit
Extra credit
Extra credit
En route
Oh and I forget : EXTRA CREDIT PLEASE!