Tips for bmx (Klustify96)

Was looking if anyone can give me some tips or tricks for bmx. I already know how to scrub and am wondering if there are more tricks I can put into my gameplay xD

Plan way ahead on your dips and landings, mess around with scrubs at different points off the lip of the jump. You will see a huge array of options after you open up that door. Stay low on launchers when you see fit, although this can hurt your momentum sometimes as you won’t have as much force from the “gravity” of landing to boost you faster towards the next obstacles. I rarely ever ever use the backflip button for a scrub unless there is some track with a huge g-out that you want to carry the front wheel over. 99% of the time I use the up-down slide method. Other than that, just practice!! Look at the amount of gameplay and restarts the fast crew have. That shows you the seat time involved!