Timetable issue

Hi, first time posting here.

I got the fastest time on both tracks in my country ( Belgium ) but combined it shows that i am second.

Am i missing something here or is there a flaw in how the times are added up? Jam week 176 ( edited )

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Welcome :slight_smile:
I just changed my location to Belgium to see what you meant… It showed this for me in jam week 175… Seems correct if you ask me :thinking:

Oh hold on you made a typo in the jam week number… Yeah something seems wrong :thinking:


This is what i see… i also can’t see the other player his replay. When i click the “video icon” to watch the 1v1 i only see my replay

Sorry for posting multiple times but new users can only upload 1 picture at a time :wink:

Slow internet is not the issue… 4G or high speed wifi should cover a replay without any problems, even after multiple attempts. Been playing a while and never had this problem before.

Have you updated the game recently because one came out for bugs fixed/improvements

Lp_ bennyizzle is running in liechtenstein, so you dont see his fastest time on country leaderboard… friend him and check his times in buddy list.
This is how it works, if you set your times in belgium, then changes to leiechtenstein and better your times, then change back to belgium and better on one track it will only show your track best time set in belgium (the other track still has your “old” belgium time) but the total will report as riders best…
So what Im saying, his total is correct, but you only see his best track times in belgium.


So that’s the part i was missing :wink: thx

I already tought dabi would think I was hacking the game. :slight_smile:️ But I’ve participated at a team challenge in Lichtenstein and I was also playing in Belgium. :wink: