THR Helmet - Members Only :-P


@THR_MX_GOON do you know how or have any tips?


ask me anything that’s not bmx related cuz Im the worst evwr on there


Git gud


Thx @THR_Birdshaw that sure helped lol.


Here to help, man. Here to help.


Here’s a video of me doing it on a non upgraded bike 1 with some huuuuuuuuge mistakes. Just follow that line and make sure to not screw up like i did to have a bit more room to make small mistakes. :wink:


There’s most likely a way faster line that I don’t remember but this one does the job as well :grin:


Wow were you feeding the computer on that level bc that was fast lol.




I want that helmet my name is THR_daniel_mx47


Its a helmet he designed haha its not in the game :sweat_smile:


Alroght sounds good


Hey guys I’m back




Its been awhile and I still play but haven’t been on here in awhile