THR Helmet - Members Only :-P


I’d take that helmet any day


Guys can we have a JOKERZ helmet @THR_Birdshaw my friend will help me design :smiley:


We cant even get a THR helmet :joy:




Man that’d be awesome!!


I vote THR WFO and any other big teams out there should get a custom helmet that everyone gets input into for the design. And no joe I don’t think we are going to put tremendously horny rhinos on the THR teams helmet lol


Fuck that lf theres ever gonna be a THR helmet it’s gonna be a pink unicorn head no matter what anybody in the team thinks about it :joy: (although I’m pretty sure that any real THR member would agree on this)


Exactly we would be the flying unicorns :joy::joy:


And coming out of our pipe when we wear it would be rainbows xD😂


Oh man that would be amazing :joy: there’s a design somewhere above in this topic that has rainbows coming out of the back of the helmet but out of the exhaust would be even better :joy:


Btw I just joined THR. My name just hasn’t been changed yet


Team helmets would please me as well.
if it would go, maybe so could see our TM - Helmet.


Team helmets… ha!


just wondering how did you design that team helmet? was just wondering I want to get into graphic design and making a helmet would be pretty cool start. idk what im talking about btw lol


how is the championship helmet earned?


During the qualifiers last year you had to be top 1000…not possible for anyone to get it anymore now :sweat_smile:




@THR_Doucheman @THR_MX_GOON what are the odds that I can get in the top 1000 by grinding all week if they have it again?


I dont know man i doubt they will ever put it in the game again…that would make it like completely not unique :thinking: but if you mean do i think you can finish top 1000 hell yeah if you keep grinding :+1::+1:


Hey @THR_Doucheman hey on Mad Skills BMX 2 how do you beat track 5-12 on track 5 bc you literally have to hit everything right any tips?