THR Helmet - Members Only :-P


Probably slim to none :frowning:


You guys should just pull a trials fusion and do this.


Oh, fuck yeah!


Yes, it is! Thats exactly why you rule!!! Sim sala bim!


That 2% he gets from that one time he was 2nd in the world im guessing? :joy:


I WAS second in the World. Ppl tend to forget that.


I think it needs to be more motocrossy, maybe something like this:


I almost feel like you found a horse and dressed up like that and snapped a photo just for the sake of this reply. :joy::joy::joy::joy:

The internet is a beautiful place.


@hyarion HAHAHA Now that is what i want for bike 12!


How in the hell have I missed that photo up untill now?


I guess you need to google motocross horse more often :wink:


Yeah every 3h simply doesnt cut it :smile:


How many other players at that time? More than one other and you weren’t last. Lol


Team HOMO racing? :middle_finger::two_men_holding_hands: no podian faltar :rolling_eyes:


These are MANLY unicorns!


Dude chill, we have a tough guy in here :joy:


when we have this new helmet?


Edit: Well this was not the right thread :smile:


We are working on designing TSR - Helmet.


Würde es auch gut finden, wenn die Entwickler hier Team Helme vergeben würden.
Nur wie kann man die Helme den Team Mitglieder Zufügen, zukommen lassen.