THR Helmet - Members Only :-P


Hey @peter @JoeW723 What are the odds of being able to get this into the game :slight_smile:


You guys have that and we will have the championship helmet haha




yeah @Steve-ox id much rather have the rainbow helmet! winning championships is for losers… or something


Haha, I have to admit that is a pretty sweet helmet


That’s good for business @peter @joew723 @bryan


Come to the pink side as @THR_Birdshaw brilliantly once said. Try it on ! See if it fits :wink:


I want one, but I want it to have a mohawk on it too.


I think messing with the sprite is going too far.


Thing is though… you guys can have championship helmet but this will be THE CHAMPION-CHAMPIONSHIP HELMET.

@THR_Birdshaw dude I have an idea… we can have a rainbow trail going out behind the rider painting the sky with rainbow madness. ok just send that up the chain to the dev team real quick, I bet it’s so easy to do ***enter developer sarcasm now build me a 35 page website, my friends kid does websites and he said he’d do it for $50.


Hah. Cool helmet. It would be fun to let teams paint their own helmets.
We have some special helmets for the top players in the world championship at least.


@OnTheFrontLine, there you go! :troll:


You know, the founders of THR are all working tirelessly for turborilla to expand the knowledge and experience of your damn fine game. @OnTheFrontLine spends at least five hours every single week streaming and changing names for users, and @Kipketer and I monitor this forum constantly and usually deal with any issue within minutes. A small token of appreciation might not be totally out of order.


Damn, thats bad ass!


@hyarion aww man! Please! Make it a hidden asset and tell me what line I need to put into the achievements and we will be squared away haha



So I was a bit bored after work today…
I just couldn’t help myself…
I just HAD to do a THR helmet concept of my own!

(and before anyone asks, no I haven’t added it to the game :sweat_smile:)

Hope you like it!


Dude! We need that helmet, man! We need it bad!
And LOVING the horn!


@hyarion That is amazing! One can dream…


This is how U will look!!



Still looks great. . .as long as the horn isn’t pointing North :smile: