Thoughts on the #11 bike?


We’re working on getting the #11 bike ready for a coming update. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

The OFFICIAL Jam week #145 discussion

Screw bike 11 I want msmx3 haha, but seriously bike 10 is maxed out are you gonna expand the speed and exceleration or add a new category?


MSM3 is in the works!

Expand a bit.


I know I have always disliked the look of bike 10 due to the overly long rear fender. On looks alone I like bikes 8 and 9 much better. Of course if your expanding the capabilities then brakes should be expanded also.


Are you saying you’d prefer that we shorten the length of this rear fender a bit?

Anybody else have an opinion on this?


For me, yeah. If we are talking about pure looks. I would also like it if the factory sticker job did have 1 set of base colors. Then when you do change colors on the bike the stickers dont clash with whatever color you have chosen for your setup.


To go off of what @Bill_Dont is saying I think that there should be a option to change the decal colors on all decal packs just like rider and bike color, for instance if you have a blue bike with Turborilla decals that only come in red and yellow it clashes but if you could change the decal color that would open up so many more customization options. Maybe even have frame color options expended from just stock to gold as well


So would that then leave an option for bike 12 or would bike 11 max out out expansion on both categories?


I like the look of it, I always thought the 10th looked a bit stock/boring/stiff/unexcited, so as long as you give us some descent options for customization Im happy :slight_smile:


Yeah what @kipketer said. Or even different fender packages or tank packages. Yes I understand thats alot of work. But hey you asked lol.


I like the concept of a bike 11 and am looking forward to the expansion. I would like to say though, that the image shown looks a lot like bike 6 and 7. If 11 is to represent the future forward I’d like to offer to suggest that it be modeled like the bikes might be in the future. Extremely light weight with alternative power sources.


We’re working on big things with rider and bike customization in MSM3, but we probably won’t be able to add these types of options to MSM2 at this point.

I’m sure we’ll leave the option open, but I don’t know if we’ll do it or not. Probably depends on how long MSM3 takes and on whether or not players seem to want it.[quote=“Rahuah, post:11, topic:991”]
If 11 is to represent the future forward I’d like to offer to suggest that it be modeled like the bikes might be in the future.

Cool idea, but soon the bike will be dominated by bike 11, and I’m not sure it’s best for the bike to look too different from modern motocross. We’ll definitely take this idea into consideration though.


I think more than anything I would like to see regular skin updates or different little things that keep it from getting stale. I love the game but getting a new toy every so often keeps it fresh ya know.


Its like when the wife gets some new lingerie, yeah ya know ya been there before but damn that looks good and I need some of that. Lol


Yeah, totally get that. We didn’t do well with this side of things in MSM2, but it’s going to be a key part of MSM3.


Is there a general ballpark eta on MSM3? I know how projects are and shit can get out of hand and pushed back. But can you say anything about a date that your shooting for?


@bryan Bike 11 looks good!! What would it look like with flame and turborilla graphics?

Any idea yet on performance characteristics of bike 11? I thought it might be interesting to be like bike 10 but less bottom end but more middle range power.


Well we’ve never had a bike with a hole-shot device… :wink:


No, there’s not. We’re really early in the process. I can say that it’s very unlikely to be out within the next year.


I like the look of bike 11 although a shorter rear fender would be cool. Have you guys considered adding mag wheels (rims) with color customization and design selection?