The various game/track ideas thread

I was thinking that you could build tracks made for freestyle and you could have a time limit and you could compete with others to get the biggest score .

Please explain a bit more… Do we collect points or something by doing…what exactly? :stuck_out_tongue:
I dont really see how you mean the Turborilla crew should implement this into the game?

You should have multi player game where you can pick tracks to race other people. I’ve given up on trying to get to div1. It’s impossible to do when you don’t have all that time to play. Sucks,i love the game but at end point cant go any further.

This is going to sound like a shameless plug, but I’m working for free so I have no reason to lie… Buy premium! The ability to see and race the top guys is invaluable! It boosted me from struggeling to stay in first, to usually securing my place within a few minutes of playing.
If you don’t feel like coughing up about a buck a week, you can hang out tuesdays and thursdays on @OnTheFrontLine’s streams on twitch for a good chance to win some premium and a general good time.


We do have fun :thumbsup:

I think it would be a lot of fun to have a jam, or maybe even just separate jam for bike 1 racing. I tried it in the cash play and it was a blast!! I think kids who are not yet old enough to get involved with the cash play, and or some people who just don’t compete in the cash racing would really enjoy it. It reminds me of pit bike racing, you have to really use your mad skills to go fast on the bike 1!