The Tracks you enjoy playing/played the most?


Hello players,

This thread aims at serving two purposes

  1. It will go a long way in helping the track builders know tracks players enjoy the most and maybe, freestyle on them for newer tracks
  2. Its a counter thread to the thread on most difficult tracks

So, guys, name the track(s) (career, jam, monthly) you played or enjoy playing the most?
Mine are

  1. Dust to Dust (Career - Expert) :thumbsup:
  2. The Boss Man (Career - Pro) :thumbsup:
  3. Well… (Jam track) :thumbsup: :muscle:

What about you? :wink:

  1. King climb 2 - pro track
  2. know sweat - pro track
  3. Express way - pro track
  4. Astro 2 - top jam track pack


Well Birdshawshank Redemption is an instant classic. You can really tell it was designed by a creative master mind. The pace, the flow, the lines… everything about it is just heavenly perfection

As you can tell it draws from one of my all time favorites King Climb.

My favorite vs track by far is Trillogy. I will never not pick it.


hypothermia is really hard to set down a nice time for me but i like the challenge… as for birdshawshank redemption (sorry birdshaw), it’s not that fun of a track. it was fun the first couple of times i played it, but then i set a top 500 time and got bored.
(hypothermia is probably my favorite track atm, not just jam either. and bss redemption is least fav)


Well you might say that BR isn’t a fun track, but purely objectively it’s actually the best track ever. So you’re actually wrong.


I saw your time, and I don’t think it’s Top 500. Mine is 0.5secs off your time, and I’m not even sure of Top 500 (currently, 345). Note that lots of players haven’t updated their app to get the new bike 11. Maybe when they do, the competition might make you slide further down. :wink:


Both of the Redbull Straight Rhythm Tracks Were Great. 3rd-4th Gear Technical tracks with Multiple lines to play around with. Tracks that need a Pinned throttle start to finish are fun, but Bike#11 has those nice upgraded tight like a tiger brakes, shouldnt we be implementing them everyonce in a while… but yeah, Technical/mid speed /hidden lines are my Favs…

ShawShank use to be a favorite Movie of mine and now…well…


I too enjoyed the redbull straight tracks.
Swift & Spitzer - Starman
Pure Evil - Oct track pack
Snowman - Dec track pack.
Oh and braap lol


NO WAY! Noone enjoys Pure Evil. NOONE!


Dude its awesome haha i cant lock a Consistent run in which is the cool part different run everytime. Not to mention watching the ace avatar eat shit :joy: oh and i forgot to add Birdshawshank redemption :wink:


You’re goddamned right!


Birdshawshank Redemption is special track. Its a Christmas Jam track and only about 2% of Jam tracks enjoy that privilege. :wink:


Always trying to find the silver lining :grinning:


But for real. Even tho it basically is a doodle that Justin read wrong I really, REALLY enjoy racing it. That endo downhill will never stop amusing me.


I noticed there were tables that seems to be another line, but weren’t. :wink:


sorry about that, i was top 500 last time i checked.


My all time favorite is Dolomites

In the beginning it was so difficult, seemed like I would never complete it.
Now it’s just fun as all hell to me.

Second favorite is Harder vs Smarter from Versus. Mainly for fast line flow.


“Quest” (jam) has to be my all-time favorite. Very technical but the fast lines weren’t unreasonably difficult. “Black Hole” (expert career) is probably second.


David vs Goliad is my favory track and Ranger


and vanquis