The Story Behind Your Number


My number is 652 and it was randomly picked by the ama but it’s really cool because that’s my road number, and you aren’t the youngest one here.


I know that for sure, but I’m 14 btw


I’m 2 years younger.


My number is 95 because WINDOWS 95 is my favorite OS lol #vaporwave


My number is 562 because it was randomly picked by the AMA and I still race with it.


The amount of times I’ve been first in my region (34).


Lowest overall jam. Used to change it to what I made the week before but I got tired of switching it every week. Haha


my number is 69 because it’s you mom’s favourite position


I raced Motocross growing up, my first season I placed 20th overall in my division, since then 20 has always been my number.


My number is 01. When i first started this game i was always an orange bike. Its a nod to The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazzard. Favorite show when i was a kid.


I use number 13 because I used to shoot competitively, and that was the number I always used to get at the sportsman’s club. It’s always seemed to work as a lucky number so far, although said to be unlucky


#80. My dad Rodney Barr rode for Kawasaki back in the 80’s. He won the first ever 125 east/west shootout in 1985. His first ever pro national number was 80. I’ve always ran it.

  1. My dad used to race stock cars and that was his number. Its sort of our family number.


What kind of stock car did he race? Cause I’m into racing big time.


159 AMA Number


855, the cubic inch of Cummins engine I like working on. Lol


I use the number 312, because it’s the birthday of someone very special to me :blush:


My number 743 is because my family wanted a number to look good for the whole group, my oldest bro got 745, my second oldest bro got 744, I got 743, and my little bro got 742, and I got Zse743 because Zse are my initials, and because it sounded cool, rolled off the tongue and “e” and “3” sounds the same (because they both end with E) so saying it rhymed! Long explanation for something not long to explain :joy:


Same so my dad has 213 in real racing my uncle his bro has 215 but it doesn’t go by age and their other friends have 214 and 212


Yep, I have 72 like my dad, and my brother races in some of the classes I do so he gets 172