The Story Behind Your Number


Hello, its me Travis and I thought it would be cool to have a topic to hear about the story behind your number. I’ll start us off, so before i was born my dad was a stock car racer in his prime age, pretty good at it nothing great, number 72. As he had children he quit. Ever since I was 2 I’ve been riding a quad. I would take paper, stickers, anything And put 72 on it. I loved my dad, I loved what he did. Racing is in my blood and it ain’t getting out. I would watch motocross on tv and wanna go out and do it. As I grew older I said “Daddy I wanna be a racer, like the guys on TV.” we got a bigger bike already had the number 72 on it. We raced it for the year. The next year my mom ask what number would you like, a number that had meaning to you and you will race for. I said “72 like my dad” I will never change, 72 is my number and has meaning to me from my dad. Lets hear. From you now


I used to have 27… Because i had no clue what to choose and 27 is my birthday so i was like well why not (and then a little while later TheLegend27 became a thing so i was like that’s pretty cool :grinning:) … Now it’s number 8 because that’s my best jam finish so far and i thought that’s something that at least means something relating to the game :slight_smile:️ not nearly as good of a story as yours but unfortunately i don’t have a better story for it :grinning:


I have 101 because It’s 13375P33|< for LOL.


i have 69 because its a nice number haha.


I use number 14 cause I’m 14 yrs old


I use the number 4, 412, and 417 Ricky Charmicheal will forever be my greatest hero and in a huge fan of him, the 12 is because of tom Brady (patriots fan for life btw) and April 7th was also a special day for me so that explains 417 Haha :+1::muscle:


Hahaha… Young Mundey here regretted disclosing his age😀
It’s ok man! You’re probably not even the youngest one here.


hey guys, i use the number 14 on my TSR_Havan14 user cuz I’m 14 years old and it’s the day my great grandfather passed.


meant to say TSR_Havana14 not havan14


is mundey really 10 yrs old


even if he is, im pretty sure THR_Christian is even younger, also think that THR_Evan_US is the youngest one in the game, he told he was like 8 or 9 but that was last year


I’m 14




Thanks man


#32. Was my dads number when he raced three wheelers back in the early to mid 80’s. Not part of the topic but kind of came up so I’m 35.


Yea patriots fo life


When i use a number i use 22. My sons birthdate, the date i got married and the date my grandaddy moron passed.


And because it’s “chad reeds” number obviously… right? :smile:



Oh yeah and that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol


Yer good lad :joy::wink: