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Thanks for the answer. Now what the heck is going on with the rankings right now. Fresh start?


To know what you I need to have little more specifics on what you mean here? :slight_smile:

(It might be a bug, but have to know more if it’s that or not)


It seems you removed 190k spots.
I was around 3000 of around 200000. Now I’m around 1000 of around 6000.


Ah! Now I understand, seems like a technical bug, but I’ll have to look in to it in detail :slight_smile:

Found it! Was a backend update that went live that only showed the active userbase the last week, this was done because of performance issues :slight_smile:


Dude! Such gigantic inactivity :hushed:
7k outa 150k in Dailies…


Is that the way the rankings will be shown from now on?


We’re working on the best possible solution on what to show. It was performance-based fixed.

What would be preferred? Weekly, monthly active? You have to put a limit somewhere :smiley:



Performance based?

Can’t you just go back to how it was?


Lets try another question.
Im currently placed 5th in a cash jam track, I get 5 opponents and beat them all, and get to place 3.
Why do you match us against slower players?


Originally it was designed just like jam so that you played against a lot that was faster and some opponents that was slower than you but @MrSilverfox raged at me and calling me names until I allowed them to set the ratio (faster/slower) to 1… so I doubt they changed that on purpose :grin:

Are you sure that you was paired with someone slower than you and that no one improved their time while you played?


Yes Im sure.
I also find it very hard to believe that IF they actually improved, they did it during the 1:00.08 minutes I was playing, when they got 6 days to play on…

Still tho, why even match us against slower players? If Im placed 5th, I want to race the 4 guys ahead of me. Not some slackin peanut far behind


We’re getting off topic here but…

We don’t want people to feel like they are loosing all of the time in regular jam. So for this reason we pick a one or two (don’t remember the actual number atm) slower replays. This may be unnecessary for players in the top but can improve the perception of the game for others.


Replace the “may be” with “is totally” in the last sentence and Im down :slight_smile:


Another one, is it the banks rules to charge the ridiculously high transfer fees?
So unmotivated :wink:


As represantative of the slower part of the top half of division 1 (:grinning:) I kinda like that a few of the opponents are slower. In cash games, however, I want them all to be faster.


Did I miss the concept change? :confused:

With that said I guess the M**** gotta find himself a new hobby :slight_smile:

  1. Not live yet, give it 2 more weeks (Things got a bit delayed, small design tweak going live today though)
  2. We never discuss player situations in public :smiley:


New look is really nice! Has the issue with the wrong challange being launched when clicking start in the ‘lobby’ been resolved?


Its very pretty, But it takes a little getting used to.
I find it a little bit annoying that you now have to scroll to find your rank. Before it was always at the bottom of the window.


Hint: get faster :smile:

No, I also miss that feature :disappointed: