The one and only Cash Games support topic


Not really a support question but does this mean we got the same time out to 7 decimal places? Did CodyChisolm and I get the first tie ever?


What be very great if there finally will be a “pause” button in cash game. Endurance 30 laps without pause … ridiculous. There can always be a reason for needing a pause button. So plz add it.

Lags in cash game are worse than in normal game play. Though iPhone reset and deleting the phone. So it’s just your Game Performance …


If you press the forfit arrow in the corner it will not forfit you right away, but instead take you to a popup where you can cancel and return to the game.


Yeah, I pause every lap on endurance to dry my thumbs :nerd:


Like Birdshaw said, use the button as a pause button.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.
Check for bandaids in the bathroom cabinet :smile:


That’s a nice idea. Didn’t recognize yet :see_no_evil:


How does your routines to prevent gambling addiction look like?
I (and others too, creds to VonKasta) see a player participating in pretty much every daily, every day, and also challenges. He never win or even come close.
It’s been going in for quite a while…

We feel sorry for the guy.


The Super Sunday practice track and the real track isnt the same. Once again it gets screwed up in a $3 race.
Come on guys :confused:



We have restrictions when it comes to how much you can deposit + how many times in a certain time span. This helps mostly as it’s almost impossible to lose a lot of money.

We always keep track of it, and we always manually check so that no-one get even more addicted to this game (we all are enough addicted already) :smiley:


Yup, a mistake there, will refund and put up a right one within 30 minutes!



Dear @MrSilverfox.
I do belive I speak for many of my fellow cash jammers when I say:
Your retro week blows and I would very much like for you to bring back the regular bikes ASAP.

Sicerely Birdshaw


That we don’t know yet. Before we know we need to try and see if it works. It’s not even been a full day of it yet :smiley:

If people don’t like it we will not do it again :slight_smile:


Well as you probably know, I am not known for diplomacy of any kind. But I had not yet gotten my arms down from being able to play with bike 11, in gold, where I primarily reside… and now bike 7…


I aint racing this bike 7 week… Join me and play some Wordfeud instead :grin:


Iv messaged before cash jam is annoying I’m fast enough to be in top league but not fast enough to make money but then a player who is miles slower than me can win £10 on a track that I’m 3 seconds faster but I win nothing because I’m in top league


Who came up with the number of the max amount of attempts…?
I mean did anyone ever used all of the 40 retries in the Endurance races?
$3 x 40 = $120 + the $1 entry fee :open_mouth:


300€ deposits are not a lot of money?


We never had anyone doing 40 retries, I could easily change it at 5 retries without any impact at all.


I would also like to know. I seem to be going up and down the boards at random.


Challenges = Daily
Dailies = Weekly
Cash Jam = Weekly

Challenges = 2 leagues, about 30-40% at the top, 60-70% bottom
Dailies = 3 leagues, about 5% at the top (Diamond).
Cash Jam = 4 leagues, same principle as Dailies but one extra league at the bottom (Silver).