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It gets back to normal for a while and then it starts over again. I have reinstalled 4-5 times.


Ah that sucks! Maybe its the winter theme lurking around in the background who causes the lag? :confused:


Could be?? I have no problems now anyway so maybe they have fixed it?


Hello guys,

Like I said months before. I’ve got those lags since I started playing this game. I never played this game lag free. It seems that these lags are fps lags - so if fps drops, it start lagging as hell.
Since 3 weeks I also got game freeze (which I never had before). So I have to “kill” the game and restart my iphone 6.
Since 3 weeks the lags are getting more worse - so much that a normal gameplay is not possible.
This is really getting me angry when you are on a fast lap and suddenly it starts lagging. This is getting me rage :frowning:

I am sure if 8 or 9 out 10 guys are havin these issues there will be more support concerning game performance. But we are just 2 or 3 out of 10 and so we will not be taken serious (my opinion).

Nowadays game performance (lag free gameplay) is the most important thing.
What is the best game when it is unplayable?


Edit: Would be nice if one of the staff or publisher leave some statement to our big problems.
It is time for an update - urgently!


When discussing performance between cash modes and jam, be sure you compare between the same number of opponents and background.
The stadium is more resource heavy than the mountain background and more bikes demands more resources than few.

I know about the lag issues and I have some ideas that I’m currently testing out. It will make it better but I don’t know by how much at the moment and I don’t have a time frame for when it can be released. So I cannot promise anything at the moment.

In the mean time, disable the sound from the options menu and kill other programs that’s active in the background. Starting a heavy program and exiting it can also force free some resources.
If you can, avoid playing on stadium tracks and avoid playing against a lot of opponents on screen… that should make it a bit better… hopefully…


Well you could also not use stadium backgrounds in cash jam.
But the point about the sound is a good one. I very rarely have issues and I never play with sound enabled.


In my case it doenst matter if i drive with 2 or more opponents.
Even when i drive alone there are massive lags and it doesn’t depends on playing with or without sound.
The game for me is unplayable for about 3 weeks and i am really disappointed because i spent sure more money on this game than other user :wink:

Thx though for your honest answer - i appreciate that.


That doesn’t sound good at all, did you do anything else 3 weeks ago? Did you update the os? download a lot of stuff?


No nothing at all. I play on an iphone 6. There is just the game madskills installed. No update from the System or anything.
LAgs in normal mode and flight mode.
I don’t understand why - i didn’t do anything.

Believe me - the game is for me really unplayable - such lags and freeze - i’ve never had before :frowning:


In cash we can’t :wink:


So…now Im done. Sorry for my language but I am really pi…

I am losing nearly all races in versus because of lags and freezes.
All my friends and opponents in versus know that I maybe lose maximum 2 out of 10 or 15 matches. Last days I nearly lost every race because of too heavy lags.

Tracks in stadium or forest are unplayable for me. Tracks in desert are sometimes laggy.

Now I will stop playing versus til an update will be released. Jam tracks I will only play a few times because I dont want to fall in an other division.

I think thats really pity that the support “is not able” to release an update because only a few guys got problems with lags.

I only can say that it doesn’t matter how I play:
iPhone 6 and 7: sound on/off, wlan on/off, flightmode on/off.
Mad Skills is the only installed game.

I was place 1 in Austria for several weeks and months, but the last weeks never because of bad game performance.

Lag free gameplay is after skill the most important thing.
Sorry but this is not making it any fun.

Greets Nici


You need to understand that it’s not just a click of a button to fix this.
In order to fix this issue we first need to find what’s causing it. Is it the game that causing the problem or is it something the OS does in the background causing everything to go slower than it should?

I get lags myself sometimes but when I fire up the profiling tools I usually get around 100 to 200 fps (with some spikes down to 60fps).
It almost feels like the issue doesn’t like daylight and is hiding from me and my tools.

Btw, how are other fast pace racing games behaving? Do you have lag problems there too?


I know that it is not easy to fix issues or find out why there are issues. I know that.
In the past i played a lot of racing games on my phones but there were never lags - honestly never.

What i can say is that the lags are the most time during the day ( like today when the new jam session started the game was unplayable for me). Sometimes i Play late at night (11 pm or 1 am) and the lags aren’t that heavy like during the day. I don’t know if it was coincidence.


It’s the same smacktalk track as last week… Dolomites.

The Endurance says “Super Sunday Practice”… Why?

Also this, how is it even possible?
It sucks, cause if people knew there was a hacker that bumped them down they wouldn’t have played any more attempts…


Why is it that sometimes when you click a challange or dailie it loads a totally different challange?
Right now I tried to click a gold level challange that I was already entered in to see where I placed and as I do that game loads a totally different platinum challange that I DID NOT intend to run.


Probably because this whole “Cash Games” is a completely Stupid idea that’s rearing it’s block shaped head in what’s hopefully it’s final death throws.


@THR_VonKasta: That’s a good question! I think it would be best if you wrote a bug repport to
If possible, try to include the following:

  • Title
  • Date, including time of day when the bug happen
  • Environment (game version)
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Expected Result
  • Actual Result
  • Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)


There are a lot of people who loves this whole “Cash Games” so I don’t agree that it is a completely Stupid idea.
This sort of post doesn’t help anyone even though you have a strong opinon that it seems like you want to share.

If you have any constructive feedback like what you don’t like about it or how it could be better then please create a new thread and share it. I love to hear opinions on how we can make our game better, and that includes thoughts on cash games. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yeah I actually did that and got a really good reply. They are working on it (and by that, do they really mean ‘we drop it in hyarions lap on monday’ :smile: )

In short, if you dont want this to happen to you, dont use the quick start alternative. Instead, expand the challange first and then klick play.


I know right!? :smile: