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And lastly regarding Cash Jam. The entry fee for it is extremely low and for that part you can do unlimited (thousands) of free practice tries in the regular jam. To offer free tries there makes little sense, hence why we took it away. Old texts though might have to be updated :).

We’re going to change the concept for Cash Jam but it will not go live directly, will take 1-2 weeks or so. Trust me, you’re gonna like it :slight_smile:


First. "Small tweak in ranking " don’t know what that means🤔
Second. I’m in gold for challenges🤔
If we are talking about the same thing here😊
And last. Yes it is a low fee on cash jam. But as i said previously. U can’t see what your up against unless u ride once, then u can compare, maybe u can change that. For me the bike feels different when riding cash jam compared to regular, if the bike would act exactly the same i wouldn’t hesitate to pay. Honestly, do you still have as many players even though u took away the free tries? Can’t believe i’m the only guy in this game who is cheap😜


Ahh!:blush: U mean changes when saying “tweak” sorry I’m so stupid​:upside_down_face:


I think you should benefit greatly by having some transparancy throughout the whole setup including the ranking system.
As it is right now I’ve just moved into diamond in both dailies and cash jam. When I was racing platinum I was up against guys way faster than me (solyone, jtsupreme, labrecque just to mention a few), guys found on the top ten winner lists. I was fighting for places 5-15.
As I got bumped to diamond it seems they are still in platinum. How can that even be possible that guys that are way faster than me get to stay in platinum while I get bumped up?


We have the same amount of paying players yes. Also the cost for entering a Cash Jam was extremely cheap. In the lowest league it was $0.01 USD and for Gold $0.05

+Shouldn’t these questions move over to the Cash thread as it will be much easier for (at least me) to follow the conversation :slight_smile:

(Pinging the moderators here @kipketer)


I don’t know if anyone has said it before but, i have an idea, why not have some races in daily that would be kind of like vs race, for example. Timelimit to get the best time say 2 min for instance, or only 10 -15 tries on a track, and you would pay one fee for each track instead of a fee/try. It would be a cross between challenges and vs and dailys.
Please take this under consideration and respond😊


Good idea Yogi :slight_smile:


Thanks​:grinning: It could even have it’s own button right beside dailys called " Fusion":stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would’ve love NOT having 6 player races


I second that​:+1: Especially when you hit restart and everything shrinks, it’ s really hard to see what happens, It’s just crowdy. But! It’s all part of the game i recon, to make it as hard as possible, and maybe the outcome of the game won’t be any different eitherway? :hugs:


How come there is the same info about the special races week after week?
It messes up our preparations.
This time, the $3 Ultra said Fever with heavy bike but it was neither Fever or a heavy bike :confused:


Does the 100% deposit bonus come and go randomly or there is a pattern?


Good Q kip🤔


Did somebody mess up or are there really two sets of dalies? @MrSilverfox


Little annoying bug came up from behind and in the system. Two set of dailies got created for two matches.

Will not happen again so enjoy your time now haha :smiley:


User anto71 finished in both 14th and 28th last Super Sunday, I hope you get that straightened out and give the right amount of cash to the right players.
I never saw any money coming my way when I reported the same thing about Bpanther some weeks ago :wink:


There is a little delay in the start when youre up against 5 other guys, it’s not much but enough to mess up my start routine.
If I go to regular jam with 10 guys on the screen I have no trouble what so ever, and it all run very smooth.
Why is it like this, and what are you gonna do about it? Is it happening to me only?
I play on an iPhone 5 :confused:


Its the same with ipad 4, small but noticable differances in bike handling and game play smoothness.


I have the same problem kip! Also on iPhone 5 and always in cash mode. I have contacted support and they said. Reinstall!


Yeah there seems to be more than me having these issues :frowning:
How much did your reinstallation help?