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And here is one that went through as i expected.



maybe, all riders not finished that track, could you send a email to for support

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How do rankings work, do you move down once you have been moved up? I got moved to Daimond and cant seem to stand a chance now… in platinum i was doing good but still wasnt first… just wondering how that works… i probably wont play cash anymore because I am racing guys i cant beat… just wondering how it works… thanks.



I had over $60 in my pot from doing cash races probably around two years ago. I stopped doing the cash races and checked it out recently. I never cashed the money out, but the $60 was gone from my bank. Was there an update that took that money away from me within the past two years?

I never put money in, I got that from doing free races. It’s still just a bummer that it disappeared on me though.



Hi could you send a email. Or you can read next site for more info:



Can you run an IOS emulator on your Android device to bypass and play cash jams on android device?
Super frustrating, I have a note 9 which is awesome to play on and I have to use my old crappy 6+ so i can play cash jam



Officially… No, you can’t and we don’t provide any support at all about it.

Inofficially… Emulating iOS on Android most likely won’t work well at all. If you can get it to work, you do so at your own risk and I predict massive lagginess.

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Doesn’t matter anymore already back to Diamond… I feel like there needs to be an in-between division, platinum to diamond is such a MASSIVE jump in skill level.

Platinum I can make a tiny bit of profit and win every now and then, diamond I have NOOOOOOO hope at even winning so I won’t play cash jams at all anymore which is why I stopped playing a year ago.

Slightly salty and wish I was faster to at least have some chance but gosh dang you faster guys are just insane. :sweat:



I need help I’m trying to deposit through PayPal and I get error 404 every time :frowning: