The one and only Cash Games support topic


Thanks @THR_Birdshaw


I was wondering on how long it actually takes for the money that is withdrawn from the game to be put on ur card?


From my experience, normally like 3-4 days or even longer, don’t worry you’ll get your money mate :metal:


What the hell has happened to cash race dailies. Why the heck have they almost doubled the amount of cost to play. They think they can get more players? Should not think so. Why?


They are trying to mix shit up a little. Shit will change weekly untill they hit the right formula. So far Its NOT working out. Theyve dropped 6000 players in a week or two.


Well duh! Stupid is that stupid does mah mamma always said! They think that there will be young guys thinking, oh finally! Now it costs more! Now I will play even more cash games cause I wanna spend all my money on this game :grin:I say think again and maybe this time, we’ll pray that they’ll get lucky with the thinking. Lol :joy:


Can some body help my friend, he cant play .