The one and only Cash Games support topic


I doubt it.


Oh what, Mr youtube. Pour a lot of runs into a stupid track? Sounds like Gloot thinks it makes perfect sense😀


Cash games on android pleaseeeee


Yer exactly… gloot would be loving it!


Cash Jam would get way more action since there are more android users out there… Gotta get on Google market or whomever to get this straightened out…


I think they just don’t want to launch it globally. Their excuse is that Google won’t let them


Well, I put in a formal request to Google just now… We will see



Let us choose if we want to verse the top guys straight up, don’t put us against slow people so that we have no idea if we’re hitting a good time or not :fu::joy::rage:


They are pretty much global already. Just only on iOS. Why would they turn down all that revenue if they didn’t have to?


If by the time you play cash jam you don’t know the line, then you’re the schmuck. There are UNLIMITED practice runs in regular jam.


Cash games is already pretty faulty and there is a lot of complains already emails you know the gizz imagine if all android users were on cash jam also
Idk just think that they can get it on android if they really wanted to but I’m just a mere player dont listen to me


Like I mean but I don’t know all the details tho so yeah


Mo players, mo money. It’s as simple as that. Gloot have absolutely no reason not to tripple their player base if they could.


You do realize this is not something mad skills related do you? Google doesn’t allow money gaming at all… Whether it’s mad skills or some random poker game… They’re not getting it through unless google changes something in their rules about real money gaming :grimacing:


Google is the “Man” happy to take your money but youll be damned if you wanted to bet with it.


Enjoy cash games ZSE aboot ready to take them over


Oh that happened some time ago.


I tried to add a new credit card to my account over the weekend and I was unable to do so due to having too many cards registered to my account. I erased the two previous ones because they are disabled, but still was unable to add my new card. I did send a message to support, but figured it may be able to get resolved through this route faster. Thanks!


Nah… gloot are the ones you want for this. I dont think they monitor this thread very much.


There are no new news about cash games on android other in MSM2 other than that google has starting to allow some gambling apps on their play store. And if gambling will be allowed, then I can’t see why skill based money gaming wouldn’t be. But nothing is sure and we haven’t heard any news that they’ll allow it.