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@THR_KingT72 I joined yah lol what’s up just got lvl 36 in vs takes forever to level up so might be a while till I get bike 11 at 8 for now lol


I want cash jam on android too, is this mad skills that won’t allow it or google?


Google. They changed their policy and put skill based games in the gambling category and banned it from the platform a few years back afaik.


This is skill. Its pretty tough to be fast or set good times. Lol madskills duh


does it some times take a few days for daily to post? One from yesterday just went through but two from the last few days have not yet? What up with that?


Man that is so retarteed :rage:


I tried cash jam last night. Was not making obstacles like I could on regular jam. Do they make you use a lower bike than 11? What bike is it? I watched the replay of the top guys time. Looked like he had 11 so what exactly is going on? How do you know what bike is used in a particular challenge? Some say but some I don’t see where it does at all.


also how is one and two running such fast times?


Okay 2 things… You’re in silver division so yeah you were on bike 9 instead of 11 and about the results i think you should send an email to gumbler about those… They don’t seem legit… The email is somewhere above in this topic


Thank you for the help. So looks like I am in gold division this week. What bike is that?


Everything other than silver is bike 11… Except when you play challenges… Those are random bike


No luck to this for sure damn that DJ


@MrSilverfox @hyarion So this was my first money win. I played cash jam and won $0.20 according to the event but I only got $0.10 added to my account.


Yeah you never get the full amount of winnings… It’s something like gumbler gets a cut of all the winnings or something… I’m guessing that’s what happened here as well


I don’t honestly remember myself. If you want you can send an email to and ask them about it :slight_smile:


Gloot takes a rake of 10% off all winnings but there is a minimum of 0.10€
That’s Why they took half your winnings in this case.


Does Amazon appstore allow cash jams? I have it on google play store now…


You have cash games on android?!


no… i have google and no cash… just wondering if i download from amazon market if it would make a difference…


SHIT, wall jumps and cash jam don’t mix! :rage::man_facepalming:t3: