The one and only Cash Games support topic


Bug or hack?:


Lots of bugged times in the 100 lately. @MrSilverfox


@MrSilverfox number 1 in silver cash jam 1 is definitely cheating… That time isn’t possible

Edit: number 1 on both silver cash jam tracks


Thats like stilling money. They should get in trouble for that. And its people who arnt good at the game and are doing it for attention and on here free money. And if you do it atleast make it look real so be it they are gonna be that type of person


I sent an email to the gumbler support… I guess those times will probably be gone soon enough


So is cash games available on android now or did you get an iphone @THR_Dutchman


Playing on my moms ipad for now :grinning: maybe eventually I’ll buy like a refurbished ipad mini cause ipad is super inconvenient because it’s so big :joy:


Why are we racing a slower opponent in cash jam? It’s pointless. Can’t we just race two faster opponents?


So many times I’ve wanted to race against myself but instead it puts you against people with times like at least a second off yours, you basically have to beat them by like 40m to improve and even then your still not sure if you beat your best! :sweat:

Was going to bring this up before but I forgot about it, needs to be fixed, exspecially when it involves real money! :disappointed: @Matt_Kudla


@Matt_Kudla @THR_Sam27 Ive noticed that happens to me when I improve my time and hit restart again, its like the system are to slow to calculate new opponents. And yes, its an annoyance


Thought I would try out this cash jam thing. Just did the free play to check it out. Still not so sure but I did will a wooping .40. Lol

Anyway got me wondering. Can you use cash jam money to buy premium rounds in regular jam?


Hey what the crap happened to cash jam? And cash challenge?
I won 75 dollars from last cash jam and now the cash jam option isn’t even available neither is the cash challenges so where did my money go? I’m pissed


Did you move from one state to another. Because some places dont allow it


Update, there is a new release as of yesterday where the link to cash jam has been moved to the main menu




Is cash jam in UK, I haven’t got it on my phone. Android btw.


Cash jam isn’t on android at all wherever you live :grimacing:




Haha send a super mad email to google maybe they’ll get scared and listen and allow it :joy:


Might have to threaten them. Down side on that is you might get into some trounlr :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no biggy :tipping_hand_woman: