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About a year ago 1 bitcoin was worth 500 dollars now 1 bitcoin is worth over 2000 dollars I just think it would be cool if madskills incorporated this it would be a great way for them and us who play cash jam to make it more competitive and I guess earn a few more buck :moneybag: :sunglasses: hopefully one of the developers reads this and knows a little about bitcoin I think you guys should add it many other mobile games have added this and its amazing but those games aren’t near as cool as madskills so I sure hope this could be a feature one day


Problem is that my mom doesn’t have an iPhone either :joy::joy::joy:

Don’t expect a mobile game to deal with a currency that’s 2000 dollars per unit :grinning:


Right that kinda seems like a lot for a game just go to Vegas😂


Dude the games that do it don’t do it with 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: its like .0002 and you slowly progress obviously you don’t know much about bitcoin


Haha you’re right all i know about bitcoin is that it’s online currency :joy: makes a lot more sense now you say this :joy: i just assumed it was like a dollar where you also don’t pay with 0.001 dollar for example :joy:


Bruh big coin is the the future haha


Guys I put 50 dlls from cash jam to my pay pal and it doesn’t appear in my PayPal, HELP!


They said that a long time ago as well… Never encountered anything bit coin related when ordering stuff :grinning:


Van a one one help me with my cash jam pay pal problem cause the money still does not appear


I’m not an expert as i don’t use paypal but can’t it be that it just takes a while to process? If i were you i would just wait it out a little bit and if it still doesn’t show up send an email to gumbler ---->


Yeah dude its been like 4 hours already and the money isn’t there, but thanks for the mail! I’ll send them one rn


Turborilla… where’s my F… money??? For real guys I sent them a mail and they haven’t done shit!!! Come on turborilla


Hahahahahaha settle down dude :joy: I could be wrong but someone was saying it takes a couple of days for the money to appear back in your account, it’s all good you will get your money :smile::muscle:



You need to contact Gumbler, not Turborilla.


Cant have the g:loot gone missing like that…


Anybody who plays cash and uses pay pal that could help out here?


Already didn’t but they won’t even care


I got my money guys hehehe #Thanks


Just heard on the radio 1 bitcoin is worth 6 million U.S. dollars.


Haha nah dude 1 bitcoin is getting higher and higher last week it was a little over 2000 and now its over 3000, they say that in about 10 years it could be worth than more then 100k at least! Seriously guys I should all get into it
I wish mad skills would incorporate bitcoin :blush::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: