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he’s right when i first started on cash jams i didnt realize that i was using bike 9 (looks similiar to bike 11)


What?! So this is bike 9?!! Is that for all cash jams? They should at least say, I mean restarted about 20 times thinking I was going crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s only for the silver division, and they do say.


Where is it? I’ve screen capped every screen before the race and I don’t see it.


It’s on your cash profile.


for the first week or so you be rocking bike 9 in the cash jams lol it definately says somewhere haha



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So my first race was cash jam straight from the regular jam screen, so I never seen that bike breakdown. All I knew is that I wasn’t making the jumps. Like an idiot I kept doubling down on my bet trying to make jumps I could do in regular jams. Definitely wasted a few bucks there but luckily recovered $10 last jam week, so not all bad.


Could any of the developers help me? I was wondering that you guys should add bitcoin into cash jams or cash games please


Whats a bitcoin


@hyarion or @MrSilverfox or whoever i should ask this too :grinning: probably still gonna be the same answer as you’ve given to many other guys that asked but do you think cash games will ever be on android?


Yea :blush:plzScreenshot_2017-06-17-01-26-19


Haha it was not a can you guys add it question :grinning: if it was up to them it’d already be on android for a loooong time… But google hasn’t given permission yet so that’s why it’s not on android yet… And besides you said you were like 13 right? Cause then you gotta wait another 5 years before you can even play cash games :grimacing:


Yea Ik but I just love android and when I’m old enough I wanna play cash. I guess I’ll play on my old iPhone 5 when time comes😀


I really hope it will come to android but as you mentioned yourself, it’s not really up to us :frowning:


I have resulted to playing cash on my moms iphone but I really wish I could just play it on my trusty phone :frowning:


@THR_KingT72 bitcoin is a digital currency look it up on Youtube its kinda hard to explain


So it increases in value