The one and only Cash Games support topic


@THR_Jogga72, I don’t know, all that is handled by gumbler. If it caused you any problems then contact their support as they are usually much faster to answer there


Well the only problem was that i Couldn’t race a cash jam. But it seems like It’s their problem aswell, if it has happened to many players who usually spend money in cash jam😀


Times does not register properly. This is a very serious matter! If that doesnt work I might as well play roulette.

I did a run and got first spot in a daily with the time 19.792. the time for second place was 19.809.
Did another run, a really good one and I won by 8m over second. My time did now register as 19.690 WHAT IN THE LIVING HELL IS THIS!?
I KNOW my run was good for a time. Again, wtf gumbler!?


Are you positive you were racing against number 1?


It was the same opponent I beat with a wheel length the run before.


That has happened to me also!!
I just thought that i must have remembered wrong how much i beated him/her with!:thinking:
Could there be a “timebug”?? @MrSilverfox. @hyarion.??


It has hsppened one time before in cash play but I didnt think to much of it then ss I didnt lose any position over it.
It has also happened one time in a regular jam game but that was some time ago


@THR_VonKasta: I understand that you are annoyed but wouldn’t it be better to take this directly with their support instead?


Only reason Im posting here is to see if anybody else have experienced the same thing, it might be like chasing a ghost if its such a rare occurrence.


Guys can we please be given the option to race our ghost in Cash jams, racing along side 5 other opponents is insanely distracting especially at the beginning and on a phone screen.
have a button just like regular jam to choose the number of players you wanna go agains.
even if you make it a pay for feature i don’t mind.
unless the option is not there by design :grimacing:

@hyarion @MrSilverfox hope i tagged the correct people :sweat_smile:


So I brought into a daily challenge that cost $2 and had 50 retries. Sounds like a good deal having 50 chances to log your best time, except when I hit the restart button for the first time, the game said it would cost $4 to restart! What the hell?! :fu:t2:


Understandably confusing i know. It means no more than 50 retries (as if anyone would spend that) But the endurance races (every sunday) typically have this 2 dollar entry with 4 dollar retries. This should probably be noted before one buys into it however i understand your frustration. Note for the future each retry will cost money no matter what and some retry costs different than the initial buy in run!!


The cash jam puts the first jump on Growl City just out reach by widening the gap or slowing the bike down but either way it’s bs and should just be the same as the regular jam track…


I hate to tell you, but it’s no different than the original jam track.

Edit: wait what league are you in? I think lower leagues might use bike 10.


Nope. I just double checked, it’s different. In regular jam you don’t even need to pump the first jump to make it into the bowl. You can just let the bike ride freely and it’ll clear the gap no worries. On cash jam you have to pump it to the max and 9/10 times it will not make it. It’s not the bike, I don’t think, why would it not say it was bike 10? I’m down to rank 2 ATM. Currently holding 17th place in cash jam track 2. But I’m telling you track 1 cash jam is slightly different to the regular jam.


I don’t race cash so i can’t say this from experience but the tracks are exactly the same… Otherwise @JoeW723 would’ve had to create 2 different tracks with the same name and aside from 1 jump just the exact the same track… I highly doubt he does that and tracks don’t just change jumps without an actual person doing so


Nah, it’s not different. You’re just on a slower bike which makes it feel different. If it is different then someone else is editing my tracks without telling me :slight_smile:


And even if it is a little more of a gap… Just scrub it… That’ll shoot you out far enough :grinning: probably with the slower bikes as well cause you can overshoot pretty much every jump in the entire track when you’re on bike 11


You got me… I did it. Sorry.
Well actually if it were me there would be no whoops in it.


Yeah! No whoops and No jumps to scrub ey😜