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Cash games set out looks amazing @MrSilverfox well done to you and your team! I have good news for myself aswell Iv just found out I’m going to be a father so best get playing time in before it’s all taken up :joy:


Congratulations to your new life :slight_smile:


Dude, you’re going to be up all night rocking that baby. You’ll have more time than ever.


Congratz man! So happy for ya!


How often does the bonus offer show up, and how long does it stay if you dont deposit right away?
Some say its laying there for days but my offer seems to dissapear rather quick.
Is there some algoritm in the background that sense how our balances are, sending it out, or is it you doing it when you feel like it? :slight_smile:






I would wish that Cash Jams should be avaible from the ordinary menu in Cash Challenges, and not via regular Jam only


The red notification pops up the whole time from the old races


After the update main menu is so laggy that every time you click something the wrong challange pops up. Its way worse than it was before. You really need to fix this asap.


The 1winner in Diamond isnt invisible… And isnt a WC track either as the info tell us


Completely wrong info about the Diamond 100 winners in the pre match menu.
Unless your plan is to give the $100 bonus to 1200 players


Oh Im getting mah 100 dolla!


Just race it and you’ll be the 1325th person in line to cash in that $100 bonus :slight_smile:


Im already well in there. Rocking an awesome 174yh place atm.


Is there something wrong with my phone or have u guys @hyarion. @MrSilverfox. Changed anything in cash jam? For me it says that "there is no available cash jam at the moment ". Isn’t it for a week as it used to be? I always play on tuesdays or wednesday. But i can’t anymore! Why??:thinking:


It’ll be up again in a few minutes. They are usually down for a couple of hours.


I tried several times yesterday in a timelaps of about 3-4 hours. And it was the same. So again, have they changed how many days u can play cash jam or is it something else?


Loading times was super long but I could access it on wednesday. Ive heard others who couldnt tho.

For me it said that tracks wasnt available at first, then they popped up


One could say then that there was something wrong. I hope that @hyarion or someone can explain why. And if they are planing on fixing the issue :blush: