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Guys, when will be bike 11 updated in cash jam? I think its still the “old” bike 11 isn’t it?


No it is not.


What?? The bike 11 in cash jam is sure not the same like in normal jam and versus gameplay


That’s weird. Can you send a screenshot of your main screen and send it to and we’ll take a more in-depth look in to it.


Maybe i didnt explain it correctly. I mean the behavior (physics etc.) are not the same like in normal gameplay.


This aint right… Gold plays with bike 10

Bug/Crash Reports

Probably haven’t updated it since 11 came along.


How often are your ranks updated?


Its updated on a dailie basis :smile:
No but mine changes after every race it seems


Has there been any changes made as of yesterday? Starting last night cash games is unplayable for me, it lags and drop frames to a point where the game gets uncontrollable.
If i enter a whoop section in the pack its like still images moving forward once the dust starts forming from all the riders.

If I set up a simular event with 6 opponents in regular jam its not as bad as it is in cash.

@MrSilverfox do you have any info?


How are players divided into the different dailies divisions?
Like, how many are Diamonds, Platinum etc?

Is the deposit bonus always gonna be there or its going to be taken away?

I have the same issue as @rcboxer btw, with the screen splitting. I have to restart the app pretty much every other time I open it up :stuck_out_tongue:


And how is the rank calculated in dailies? I feel that my rank is way better then my actual results.

To clarify: I have been racing cash for 11 days, I am now ranked at 161 and rising. Will probably get bumped to diamond leauge any time.
I am already racing dalies against jtsupreme and labrecque both on the top 10 winner list. After 11 days. Hate to admit it, but Im not that good…


How can the same player appear in more than one league in cash jam on the same week?
@MrSilverfox do you have any idea?


Number 1 and 3 gotta be happy!


User has been banned.



Are you talking about Cash Jam now or usually for Dailies?

In Dailies there will be some overlap during Wednesdays/Thursdays as we update the rankings each week (Thursdays).

Say for example you were in Platinum and joined a daily at 21.00 CET on Wednesday. The day after you drop down to Gold. As you’ve already joined the Platinum daily you can continue playing that one.


Fair enough :slight_smile:
But what about the price pool? :confused:


We try to fix it as much as we can after that match so the one’s competing will get the money they deserve.



Seems like a short ban :smile:


What we did was to ban the second account and warn Bpanther. People get a second chance. But not more than that.