The Oh Shit Button placement (Handicapped Player)

I am a C5 Quadriplegic. Because my fingers don’t work, I’m forced to drag my thumb to scrub. 5 times out of 10, I accidentally hit the restart button. Please move the restart button to the top right corner instead of half way. If possible…


Sorry to hear that dude… Anyways a complete and definitive repositioning of a button for 1 player sounds pretty unlikely (and I’m kind of against it as it would screw up the muscle memory of literally everyone who’s been playing this game for a while)… But i do agree that it would be pretty nice to at least have the option to change the position if you’re in a situation like you :slight_smile:

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Muscle memory? It’s the restart button. Moving it to the top right corner
seems easy from the little coding I know. Oh well, thanks anyway.

I have an Android and I accidently hit the restart button sometimes when I start dragging thumbs for wheelies and scrubs but I’m fine with the restart button being where it is


Like i said i definitely think it would be good to have the option… But with msmx2 the restart button was in a different spot on the screen compared to when i was beta testing bmx2… Believe me it screws with you more than you’d expect :slight_smile:

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They needa make an option where you can move any button anywhere you want so you can adjust it as you like


Yeah. I would want to move the lean buttons a little farther apart.

Some phones they are in the top right. But anyways i think in the future msm3 you should be able to adjust the buttons


Constantly hitting restart by mistake, so looking forward to this feature in msmx3.

Muscle schmemory. At least if you miss the button you can hit it a second time and get the desired result, unlike throwing away a perfectly good run for an accidental restart tap.

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I’m sorry to hear that the controls doesn’t work that well for you.

We look at the size of the device and guesstimate if it’s a tablet/phablet or not and adjusts where we place the restart button. The reason is that we don’t want the restart button to be too far away from where they have their hand to restart. I guess your device is in the grayzone :confused:

Well… it turns out that fixing it for you is a no-brainer. Send me your in-game username and I’ll try to make sure the restart button is up in the corner in the upcoming version (it will be forced in the corner on all your devices though). :slight_smile:


The new version is out now, but I need your username @Dave_Shade to enable it for you :slight_smile:

(or does anyone else know his username?)

It seems to be Hairdew

Thanks @THR_Birdshaw!
I’ve enabled it for him now, hopefully he’ll download the new version and notice the change :slight_smile:


I did thanks. I wasn’t sure if it was the new version or the game launcher.

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