The OFICIAL Jam Week #194 Discussion


Yet again It’s thursday
That means the old tracks went away.

Joe uploaded the track Long Defeat.
All the while he’s on vacation beating the meat.

I must say it’s not the worst I’ve seen from his hand,
but then again that makes it pretty bland.

Rcboxer built Dead or Alive.
Only one thing to say about that; I can’t wait for next thursday to arrive!


Ryan? That my name…


not bad :confused:


Pretty decent :sweat_smile: 1 down 1 to go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Watchong @OnTheFrontLine stream plus mad skills :v:


Moved down a bit but I’m not done grinding


3 attempts on the start of the second track, one time watching number one in the world… I’m ready for next week too bud😂


Agreed, same here.


Oh dang, nvm that’s easier than I thought


Well android don’t have a middle finger emoji so I got this for you :poop::rage:@THR_Birdshaw,


Not bad for me on day 1 :ok_hand:


I think we all have a middle finger or 2 aimed at birdshaw


But why?! I’m so nice.
Fuck you, man!


Laugh it put its a joke :grin:


I’d be surprised if there were anyone not flipping me off.


Don’t know what phone you’re on but my android phone definitely has middle finger emoji :grinning: look :fu:


My iPhone to! Look birdshaw! Only for you my dear friend :heart::two_hearts:


Awwwww Thanks!


Hahaha :fu::fu::fu::fu: :joy::joy: