The OFFICIAL wish Birdshaw a happy birthday or youre banned thread


Fuck you! i have 17 minutes left!


Go back to bed


My apologies… as you were then.


Ill go back to your moms bed


Happy birthday


My Mom likes you too… she told me.



Fuck yeah she did!


Alles gute nachträglich zum dein Geburtstag.


Happy birthday dick!:smiley:


Too late! BANNED!


Lol :laughing: I just figured I’d congratulate you even if it’s to late. Cause I know what it’s like to turn 40. You can get all sorts of wild ideas. Buy a Harley for example or change your line of work or wife, family etc. No big things, but still. You have my sympathies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Oh and btw, in case I forget next year! Happy birthday in advance :sweat_smile:



Caps tax


Why all this fuss if you only turned 36, you big sissy :crazy_face:


It’s to commemorate the greatest even in the history of the World!


The fact that we are one year closer to your death? That doesn’t sound like a great thing to me, though then I play for Team Evil :stuck_out_tongue: