The OFFICIAL wish Birdshaw a happy birthday or you’re banned thread!


Caps tax

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Happy birthday again lol :joy::call_me_hand::birthday:

If it is like that …
Then all the best… Birdshaw :shushing_face:

Fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile::rofl:

Happy birthsday birdshaw and on many happy years!!!

Happy Birthday :+1:

Happy hatch day chief. :love_you_gesture:

HAPPY birdday😜

Happy late birthday :tada::birthday::balloon:

HaPpY bIrThDaY!

Youre so late youre almost on time again, man!

@THR_Birdshaw I wish you a very Happy Birthday man :cake::birthday::100:

Right on time! Thank you!

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happy birthday birdshaw. You are one of my favorite danes in the whole world (not that i know that many) stay safe

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Happy birthday!!! @THR_Birdshaw

Thank you! I know very few Norwegians and you are riiiight at the bottom😀

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Happy birthday @THR_Birdshaw. I wish you many more years of being mean and changing names.

happy birthday @THR_Birdshaw