The OFFICIAL "VS week"


Exactly the same on this one and i didn’t even do the first wall very fast even for just normal slowdown standards :joy: i think low 26 might be possible


who got a best time in this track


Well a 26 was possible just as i figured :joy::joy: @Bragstad is crazy on wheels. That run was freaking awesome :smiley:


I’d forgotten the lines, that long since I played it… Is the excuse I’ll use lol


Anyone do better?


Not a perfect run on this one… 23 definitely possible :grinning:


Oh Yeah! 23 def doable. A perfect run and a backscrub at the last jump will get it done! :+1::blush:


Wouldn’t even need a backscrub and stuff… The run i sent you wasn’t nearly perfect… Just cleaning it up would be enough for a 23


Oh okay. My run looked clean I was just wondering. Def going to push for that 23 mark.


Oh yes you need a backscrub to make it! The run you sent was pretty Damn good for vs. But then again if it was no timelimit like jam. Then absolutely. No backscrub needed. But not in 2 min. Thats what i think :+1::blush: bear in mind! It’s a short track!


Imma try to prove you wrong before the end of the week :joy:


Do it man! Lol :joy:


While your at it! Try to get under 29 on this one :grinning:


Haha I’ll try


GL :+1::blush: post if u do!


Love that track


Pretty good


If I would of back scrubbed the last part it would been an easy 23 seconds. I’m so pissed lol.


Look at this time sixfootseven did @Bragstad and @THR_Dutchman. Can’t believe it almost :smiley:

Must be a WR :smiley:


Holy hell you need a stupid clean run for that :joy: closest I’ve been so far was a 29.348